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Perfect Bed For The Fans Of Star Wars By Kayla Kromer

Star Wars admirers will definitely go crazy when they see the Millennium eagle Bed created very especially by Kayla Kromer. Just like the name applied to the bed, this bed is made in the shape that is the same with the shape of the spaceship, complete with the details which can exist seen in the bed covering.

Made in basically grey color, the size of this bed is big sufficient to make an adult dozing on it. However, even if it is still possible, the size is not really suitable for the bed to be slept on by two. This is mainly caused by the round shape of it.

Away from the minor lacking, there are quite a lot of details added to the design of the bed which make it even better functional furniture for modern bedroom design.

For example, there is a hidden compartments included in the design and these can be used for the daily need of the user. Other than this, headlights which are really working are also available.

These can also be functioned as night lamps if needed. By turning off the light of the room, you will see about how beneficial these lamps are as well as the combination of blue LED lamps surrounding the lower part of the bed.

The last still not least, this bed is completed with a cockpit space that is simply functional to store items, including the collection of action figures in Star Wars Theme.

It can be concluded that the idea of creating this bed is really fascinating. This seems to be the answer of those who are fans of Star Wars who always want to decorate their bedroom with awesome Star Wars product.

The advantage is that the bed is not only ornamental but also functional at the identical time. Besides the fact that this can really be used for sleeping, the bed is also functional in the way it comes together with some usable accessories.

In some cases, this bed is factually even more interesting and definitely beneficial than the collection of action figure or even the comic books only.

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