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Dino’s Jaw Bed Idea: Fascinating Design To Create Awesome Bedroom For Your Small Boy

Designing the bedroom of your little boy is actually not that rigid to do. There are simply so many themes suitable for young boys can exist chosen as the main idea of the bedroom. All you need to do is just choosing a theme that he loves the most.

If there is never specific preference, the thing that is most possible for you to do is choosing a theme that is usually loved by boys at his age. In this case, dinosaurs can be a really good one to grab into consideration.

Instead of just applying dinosaurs-themed wall stickers, which is clearly too ordinary, why do not you try something that is way more fascinating, such as creating Dino’s jaw bed?

The main idea lies inside this bed is placing the bed into a custom-made Dino’s jaw, complete with the head of the dinosaur of course, so whenever you kid sleep on the bed he will feel like sleeping inside the jaw of a dinosaur instead.

For kids, something like this is definitely cool and they will love it. It can be even better when the whole design of the dinosaur’s head is made to be realistic. You can do this by adding teeth accents that will make the head looks like it is real.

Other than that, you can with add wall mural with the right proportion in order to produce the image of the rest of the dinosaur’s head. If you desire too, adding other room decoration that will support the very strong theme of the bed can also be done.

Of course, creating such a cool bed for your little guy’s bedroom are not an easy task. If by any chance you is not intelligent to create the themed-bed on your own, you can always hire a party, a room and interior decorator for example, to create the bed for you.

This way, you should not be in trouble in trying to make your son happy by creating the bed for him. Other than this, the result will also look much better and you kid will be fond of it.

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